Enterprise Firewall

More and more, customers everyday are seeing Connectivity Communications as the partner who understands the technology, business, social and security challenges facing businesses.

Connectivity Communications has the long term vision for a secure future matched with an innovative technological and common-sense business approach. Connectivity Communications drives the cost and complexity out of building and running secure infrastructures enabling organizations of all sizes to achieve greater productivity and IT efficiencies. Our operational and technological excellence makes us the right partner to help you secure your business with Dynamic Security for the Global Network. Connectivity Communications’ next generation firewall unlocks the potential of the global network for enterprises, managed service providers (MSPs) and small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

Next Generation enterprise firewalls solve a variety of customer problems while simplifying enterprise security infrastructures. With the ability to control applications, users, and content at the enterprise firewall, customers realize improvements in security, performance, and cost. With best in breed enterprise firewall technologies, organizations regain the application visibility and application control often sought, but rarely achieved with complex, expensive, traditional security infrastructures, ultimately preventing threats.

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