In our society, trying to grasp, understand and properly apply both hardware and software into your business can be a dizzying experience. Connectivity Communications takes the responsibility for staying abreast of technologies from Next Generation Firewalls to Mobil Device Management to secure wireless implementations for you. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff makes it our business to not only understand the emerging technologies but to also be able to explain what the impact is to your business and how you can extract measurable efficiencies to benefit you and your business.

Gone are the days of buying a new gizmo because it appears to be cool. With Connectivity Communications as your partner, you can get advice as to the stability of the gizmo and how it can become a business expediter. The technologies we understand and work with include:

Network Infrastructure

We design Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, new network infrastructure; Connectivity can assist you with WAN optimization, DNS/DHCP, assessments, VPN, MPLS, IPV6, load Balancing to name a few. The tools we use come from trusted partners such as:

Wireless Networks

We design, conduct assessments, audits, assist in product selection, RFP development and outdoor point to point implementation. World-class partners for us are:

Network Security

Connectivity identifies your security landscape and assists in securing your infrastructure with next generation firewalls, secure remote access, intrusion detection/prevention, penetration tests, HIPAA/PCI gap analysis, DNS/SEC. Our arsenal for your defense has recognizable partners:

Web 2.0

Connectivity assists in website application delivery, IPv4 to IPv6 transition solutions, video conferencing, video caching, traffic shaping, and website performance including OPNET. We accomplish this with:

Mobile Device Management

This explosive exciting area of new handheld devices allows us to manage Blackberry, iPhone, iPads, Windows, Tablets and any traveling device assisting your business. You can allow your employees to BYOD (bring your own device).We accomplish this via:


We at Connectivity Communications become your technology management partner. We examine your business and through our understanding of technology, provide a real-world, cost-effective solution to help you improve your business and grow!