We analyze your traffic based on specific applications and assessing risks and threats. It provides a high-level picture of how your network is being used.

Cloud enabled networking is leveraging cloud services to achieve IT efficiencies not possible with classic network architectures. Scalable is the new wireless.

Your data, voice and video network is crucial to your company’s strategic position in the marketplace. We understand that. It is our commitment to provide a resource you can depend on to successfully develop and manage that strategy. To attain that goal, we have partnered with the leading manufacturers and consultants in the industry. We design, build and manage complete end-to-end solutions that will maintain the corporate profitability that your management demands. After an in-depth review of your requirements, we will work with you to provide a network that not only meets today’s needs, but also enables future expansion.

Now that enterprises have protected the network perimeter they have to protect company resources and confidential data from the people that are inside your network. Whether that includes encryption, security assessments or enforcing policies at the end point, we have the solutions associated with bringing network and application-level protection to high performance networks.

Established in 2001, Connectivity Communications is a Pittsburgh based, full service data communications and IT security provider.

From network design and hardware implementation to multiple site coordination and maintenance agreements, Connectivity Communications can tailor a solution to meet the size and requirements of your network.