Video Conferencing

In the last several years video communications have gained much traction and popularity.

With the raising users’ willingness for video content sharing, introduction of video enabled communication platforms and the rise in sales of video-enabled smartphones and tablets, video communication is booming. Video is the new voice, while presence is becoming the new dial tone.

  • Highest Quality of Experience, on any network, using any access point and independent of the network topology.
  • Multi Platform Support (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile, Embedded), as well as dual standard protocol support (SIP, H.323), with interoperability at the application level to allow maximum connectivity to existing and future deployments.
  • Seamless Integration - providing a seamless experience to the customer that integrates perfectly with any device or software, while offering presence information, instant messaging, one-click-to-dial connection and more.
  • Deployment Management – offering the ability to remotely manage the deployment, configure clients, monitoring, software upgrades, logging and debugging, as well as enables cloud services such as directory services and more.


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