Connectivity Communications, Inc. understand that an active technology approach is necessary to fully optimize and protect an organization’s information infrastructure. We have experience in all aspects of commercial and Federal Security and Security Risk Management. Our consultants represent more than 80 years of technology experience. We bring true meaning to “cradle-to-grave” support. We understand the impact of a properly configured and secured network to the success of business goal achievement. At Connectivity Communications, Inc., we provide our customers with a formalized methodology to define, discover, prioritize, and analyze systems, threats, and vulnerabilities. We apply this to both corporate assets and personnel, and then develop effective countermeasures. By matching appropriate security levels to our customers’ corporate assets and personnel, we minimize overall risk while keeping clients competitive. Connectivity Communications, Inc.’s systematic and proven active approach to assisting clients includes our Five-Phased approach:

Discovery – Identify the Network and Security landscape with our clients. Risk analysis, asset profiling, information profiling, procedure profiling, penetration testing.

Analysis—The CCI team will review and analyze all gathered information. Comparison
to “Best Practices” of comparable industries.

Alternatives—Develop Options for the client to extract efficiencies, mitigate risks, or alter strategies.

Implementation- Recommend and assist with the implementation of the selected plan alternative.

Support – Provide on-going support services to the client for their IT infrastructure.


Strategic Planning

We combine extensive management experience with proven methodologies to create practical and customized approaches to help each client address its planning needs. We focus on addressing strategy and planning issues in the areas of Information Technology (IT) and Process Re-Design. Conceptually our approaches often include several areas:

“Where Are You Today?“ – The Assessment

  • Review/Define Strategic Goals and Drivers
  • Assess Performance Effectiveness
  • Assess IT Service Effectiveness
  • Assess IT Organizational Effectiveness
  • Assess IT Alignment with Organizational Goals

“What Do You Want To Become?“ – The Vision

  • Conduct Industry/Peer “Best Practices” Review
  • Conduct Emerging Technology Scan
  • Establish Strategic Vision
  • Establish Strategic IT Goals
  • Assess Readiness for Change

“How Do You Get There?“ – The Plan

  • Develop Business / Institutional architecture
  • Develop IT Architecture
  • Develop IT Standards / Policies
  • Develop Long Term IT Strategies
  • Develop Potential Project/Initiative List
  • Justify and Prioritize Projects/Initiatives
  • Develop Implementation Plan
  • Develop New Organizational Model
  • Develop Governance Model
  • Security, Privacy and Compliance

IT security, privacy and regulatory compliance challenges are growing and becoming more complex every day. We offer a full range of assessment and remediation services to help our clients identify exposures, remediate weaknesses and most importantly reduce risk. We specialize in:

  • Executive Awareness Presentations
  • Security Strategies and Planning
  • Risk Assessments and Remediation
  • Incident Response and Audits
  • Security Policy and Procedures Development
  • Regulatory Compliance and Controls
  • Identity Theft Red Flags Rule
  • GLBA
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Testing
  • Application Security and Controls
  • Identity Management Solutions

Does your organization meet the compliance requirements of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley ACT (GLBA), the Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the California Senate Bill (SB) 1386, or Sarbanes-Oxley, BS/ISO17799? CCI can help your organization understand and meet your regulatory compliance requirements by performing a Compliance Health Check to assess the gaps.


A Regulatory and Compliance Health Check quickly A Regulatory and Compliance Health Check quickly determines gaps in your compliance status. CCI customizes your analysis to specific regulations that apply to your business or organization. We offer customized gap analysis of the following government and industry regulations:

  • HIPAA Check
  • ISO17799 Check
  • GLBA Check
  • SB1386 Check
  • SOX Check


CCI uses the following methodology to complete the Regulatory and Compliance Health Check for your organization:

  • We review your regulatory and compliance related policies and procedures.
  • We interview key personnel within your organization.
  • We perform Gap Analysis based upon the results of the policies and procedures review and interviews.


The typical scope of this engagement ranges from three days to two weeks, depending on the size of your organization and project scope. Deliverables Our deliverables include:

  • Regulatory and Compliance Health Check Report with Summary Report Card
  • Next-step recommendations
  • Half-day Regulatory and Compliance Health Check presentation and results review workshop


All CCI projects are managed using CCI’s proven Security Engagement Process. A pivotal aspect of this process is continual communication with your organization to ensure the success of your CCI consulting engagements.

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